Migrate Azure Resources from One Subscription to Another

Micrososft provides the capability to migrate Azure resources from One Azure Subscription to another. in this blog post, we will look at the checklist for this migration and discuss about the plan for the migration.

  • Both source and target subscriptions should be part of the same Azure Active Directory Tenant
  • The destination subscription should have all the required resource providers registered before the resources are moved from their parent subscription to the destination subscription
  • The Account which is performing the move has the required permissions on both the subscriptions 
  • Check the resource quota of the destination subscription, as Azure has a limitation of the number of resources it can have in a single Azure subscription 
  • Try to move a small number of resources in a single operation. ideally, more than 800 resources can throw an error 
  • All the resources should be in same Azure resource groups else the validation before the migration will fail. Migration doesn’t stop the resources, however, it blocks the delete and writes operations during the migration.
  • if resources such as VNET is in one resource group and VM in another resource group. You will then need to first move all the resources in one single resource group (Migrate VM and its dependent resources to VNET resource group) and then you can move that VNET resource group to another subscription
  • Migration doesn’t move the resource to different region or locations, it only changes the resource group and its subscription.
  • Any application or resource using the subscription ID will require a modification to use the destination subscription ID
  • Not all Azure services support this migration, Please have a look at this article for the detailed and updated information about the migration and list of services that are currently supported

Let’s look at how this migration looks like in the action. I have configured following lab:

  • Two Azure Subscriptions – Call it Visual Studio Enterprise – MVP and MVP Sponsorship
  • One Resource group contains the VNET in the subscription Visual Studio Enterprise – MVP
  • Another Resource group contains the VM 
    in the subscription Visual Studio Enterprise – MVP

Step1 – I try to migrate the VM Resource group to another subscription (
MVP Sponsorship)

Migrating a resource group to another subscription
Error message when a resource has a dependency

Since this was expected as VM has a dependency on VNET , so  I can’t move a VM to another subscription without its VNET. I will now migrate all the resources from VM Resource Group to VNET resource group to gather all the dependent resources in a single resource group within a single subscription (
Visual Studio Enterprise – MVP)

Migrating resources within a single subscription

All the dependent resources are now avilable in a single Resource Group. I can now move this Resource Group to another subscription.

Migrating resources across the subscription in the target resource group
Migration is successful