Microsoft Intune in the Azure portal preview – Part – 7 (Deploying APPs – iOS)

Intune provides the functionality to deploy store apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. New Intune portal makes it very easy to deploy apps by integrating app stores directly from Intune portal.
App management capabilities by platform in Microsoft Intune
Android iOS Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 10
Add and assign apps to devices and users Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assign apps to devices not enrolled with Intune Yes Yes No No
Use app configuration policies to control the startup behavior of apps No Yes No No
Protect company data in apps with app protection policies Yes Yes No No1
Remove only corporate data from an installed app (App selective wipe) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor app assignments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assign and track volume-purchased apps from an app store No No No Yes
Mandatory install of apps on devices (Required)2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional installation on devices from the Company Portal (Available install) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Install shortcut to an app on the web (web clip) Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-house (line-of-business) apps Yes Yes No No
Apps from a store Yes Yes Yes Yes
Update apps Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. In the Azure portal, choose More Services > Intune > Managed Apps


  2. Select Apps and click on Add App – Select iOS store App


  3. Under App Type – iOS Store App – Search the App by giving a name (This will search the App from Apple Store)


  4. Click on App information > Configure (This section will automatically be filled )


  5. This will open a new blade to show app information


  6. Click on Assignment and Select the Group


  7. Define the action > Select Required