Microsoft Intune : Configure Custom Policy for WI-FI with Pre-Shared key – iOS

This article outlines the steps required to configure a custom policy to configure WI-FI  settings with Pre-Shared key for iOS devices

Important Information –  I have my wireless configured with the name TechTalk and its Passphrase is also TechTalk

Wireless Name  TechTalk
SSID  TechTalk
PasspHrase  TechTalk

Step1 – Create a new policy in Microsoft Intune – Policy – Add Policy


Step2 – Deploy a Custom Configuration Policy



Step3 – Configure Custom Policy Settings as below. Change the name of wireless from Techtalk to your wireless name (This supports the name of wireless with spaces as well)


Once done, Deploy the Policy to a Group

How to create or generate PSK file –

Johnathon Biersack has done an excellent job to help you generate PSK file – Follow the URL to generate PSK file.