Associate a new Azure Active Directory to an Azure subscription

Every Azure subscription is associated with an Azure Active Directory. Multiple subscriptions can be associated with a single Azure Active Directory, however a single subscription can’t  be associated with more than one Azure Active Directory. In this blog post we will discuss, how a subscription association from an existing Azure Active Directory can be changed to a new Azure Active Directory in an Azure ARM portal (This functionality is newly added in Azure ARM portal).

Let’s first create a new Azure Active Directory
Login to Azure > Click New and type “Azure Active Directory” > Create









Fill in the details about the Azure Active Directory and click Create
  • Organization Name – Name of the Organization
  • Initial Domain Name – A unique domain name which will use as suffix
  • Country or region – Select the country or region for your active directory



Change the Active Directory in Azure portal  by selecting Switch Directory and select the newly created directory

Create a new user in this new active directory. this is important step if you want to attach an existing subscription to newly created Azure Active Directory





Select the Azure Subscription by looking for Subscription in Azure portal

More Services > Subscription  

Once selected – Select – Change Directory 5

Select the newly created directory or the active directory you want to associate with and click on > change 

This will now change the subscription association from an existing Azure Active Directory to New one